Located in Kingston/Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada

We Specialize In: Traditional Cedar Canvas Canoes * New Canoe Builds * Fiberglass Repairs * Wanigans * Courses & Workshops * Chair & Seat Caning * Carrying Yokes * Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance * Crafting memories to last a lifetime!


Harmony Canoe is expanding into the Cycle world! 

This spring I embarked on training to obtain my Professional Bicycle Mechanic and we have configured the workshop to now include bicycle repair and maintenance. 

Excited to be getting back to my mechanical roots and pleased to offer bike repair in the Greenwood/Kingston area and Annapolis Valley. Please contact me with any questions.


Winter Projects

Winter projects in the Canoe Shop!  With a few restorations to ready for spring and another new build it's a great place to spend some winter hours when one has the time!  Check out photos of the new build in our Photo Gallery: Marc Canoe Build.

Beautiful Fall

It's been a steady spring & fall finishing up a few restorations... and fitting in a bit of paddling!

Over the next few months a commitment will take us out of the canoe shop for up to a year, so will not be accepting any new boats at this time.

You are certainly welcome to contact us with your questions, or can be placed on a call back list for when we are back in the canoe shop. 


Thanks for your interest, happy paddling & keep in touch!

24hrs until the first day of spring... and Shop Elf!

A new style of portage

Canoe bobsled

View out shop window

A Shop Elf

Every shop needs one, a Shop Elf who assists in all aspects of the building process from milling wood, bending ribs, sanding, clinching tacks, painting & varnishing, playing boat bingo (our version of moving canoes in, out & around the shop), to weaving canoe seats and all manner of workshop activities.

This Shop Elf also enjoys other creative projects such as: Christmas Ornaments, Canvas Canoe Utensil Holders, Chair & Canoe Seat Caning, Snowshoe Weaving, Fairy Doors, Kitchen Aprons etc…  and is an artist outside of the workshop as well!

Check out a few past Shop Elf Projects in our Photo Gallery!

Winter in the canoe shop

The Autumn came & went and with it the arrival of several canoes in need of restoration over the winter months.  Here are a few of the projects we've been up to in Harmony.  Canoes continue to get ready for spring and their first paddle of the season!

Refinishing Courses BYOC: (Bring-Your-Own-Canoe)


Huron Snowshoes


Canvas Covered Wanigan

Other Canoe Restorations

A step back in time...

From the Birch Bark to the Cedar Canvas, Harmony Custom Woodcraft is taking a step back in time to be apart of the history of our canoe roots in Canada.  Learning from Todd Labrador, an expert Mi’kmaw birch bark canoe builder, don't miss seeing this beautiful piece of history being built before your eyes.  Construction is typically taking place at Kejimkujik National Park each Thu-Sun in August, with the canoe being launched during the Keji Canoe Festival Weekend, Aug 23-24.  Contact Parks Canada/Keji Park for details.

For Sale!

Are you looking for a NEW Canoe, Seat Caning, a Paddle or Wanigan, Canoe Repairs or Restoration?  Don't miss the Photo Gallery (located on the right hand side) to get some ideas or to check out what's FOR SALE!

Finishing new builds & restorations

It has been a busy few months with new builds being completed & canoe restorations.
A few photos below of the projects that are getting paddlers back on the water this summer!

Thanks Everyone!